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We are proud of the progress on our state-of-the-art office development in Nairobi. London Town Group of Companies are working exclusively with Knight Frank Africa on this dedicated grade A office building, spread across 7 floors and 4 basements, over 89,000 square feet lettable space complemented by 250 parking spaces. For more information please visit ...

S-Cube named winner of the Micro Business of the Year category at the Growing Business Awards 2021.

The role of cloud-native Full Waveform Inversion in the Energy Transition

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality in the UK. From today, solution providers and UK properties can start integrating Alexa’s world-class AI into valuable end-to-end experiences at scale.

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Tech for Good gets a 10-minute glimpse into new technologies with Nikhil Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of S-Cube, to find out more about carbon-capture technologies and how to hear inside the Earth.

The geophysical imaging company S-Cube is one of just 14 global tech firms to have been named a High Performance Computing Competency Partner by the world's biggest cloud provider, AWS.

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